A Westside Circus Production in partnership with the Migrant Resource Centre North West, Federation Square presented as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
Inspired by the performance site – BMW Edge in Federation Square, the artistic process began with three words: mirrors, bells and the river. The team then researched stories and imagery that generated a notion of duplicates: the reflection of the Milky Way in the River and two star crossed lovers. During an intensive creative development, the band and performers began exploring the potential of unorthodox circus gear, gypsy music and the sounds of 100 Federation Bells. Stellar, which enjoyed a three week season at the BMW Edge at Federation Square, was a beautifully transient and stylistic story that surfed between narrative or impression, story or fragment, character or body.

stella-show-ladders stella-acro-fans Theatre_stellar024 Theatre_stellar026 Theatre_stellar025

Artistic Director
Debby Maziarz
Costume Designer
Annette Soumilas
Circus Trainer / Director
Andrea Ousley
Costume Maker
Rose Chong
Musical Director
Paula Dowse
Make up Design
Leanne & Nickie Hanley
Marcia Ferguson
Production Manager
Mikkel Mynster
Set Designer
Mark Wager
Lighting Designer / Operator
Gina Gascoigne
Franca Stadler
Sound Design / Engineer
Pete Camilleri
Choreography & Movement
Jodie Farrugia